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Non-profit Educational


Sponsors and Donors

The Rubicon Trail foundation is able to support the Rubicon trail through individual donations, supporting donors and Corporation donations. Please support the products and companies that support the Rubicon Trail. By supporting them, you are in turn supporting the Rubicon Trail.

In addition, Rubicon Trail Foundation is always grateful to 4WD clubs that really go above and beyond to assist the trail. Please say thanks when ever you run into members of the clubs listed below.

Sponsors Donors
John and Barbara Arenz
Dan DeWolf
American Legion Hall
Rusty and Bev Folena
Daryl and Lori Warden
Kevin Arnold
Mark Smith


Mountain Transit Authority

This Dysfunctional Organization

Placer County Crawlers
Rubicon Trail Foundation - Email - 1-888-6RUBICON (678-2426) - PO Box 2188, Placerville, CA 95667